During 1987 I have developed a script language to code music for the Amiga.

The project was called Musicode. My idea was to create something similar to a “Basic” like programming language, which will focus in music. The Amiga was known  by it’s ability to play polyphonic sound, based on 4 seperate tracks (which was a lot these days…). At that time I was involved in computers and music projects, such as music based on random numbers or representing digital artwork as music.

The demo disk contained the application itself, and a sample script with some music I have composed, as a demo for Yaacov Agam who was always (and still is) open minded to such ideas and ventures.

This screenshot was created by running Musicode on WinUAE (Windows Amiga Emulator) along with AROS alternative Amiga OS.

MusicPro – The Next Stage

Few months later, I have gone one step further and developed a graphic user interface for my music engine.

The idea behind MusicPro was to make music composing available to ordinary people, same as composing a document using a Word Processor has became. To do so, I tried to build an engine and a very intuitive user interface that will allow the avarage user to unleash his or her creativity without having to have any musical knowledge.

This idea was later (1994) introduced by me to Microsoft, during an interview by Edith F. Rothenberg, at Microsoft Research, who have considered recruiting me back then (while I worked as a Contructor with Apple). She liked the idea, but Microsoft weren’t looking to invest in the MS Office equivalent to a Music compusing “word processor”…

At that time (1998), there were several creative music composing applications for the Amiga, among them one called “M”. I wrote about that period of my life in this article (Hebrew).

I was thinking about something different. First, to make it simple, intuitive and with out requiring any knowledge in music, and second, encapsulate as much as music knowledge within the system, much like a “spell checker” for the music being composed.


About Michael Haephrati מיכאל האפרתי

Michael Haephrati מיכאל האפרתי

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