Rashumon – The First Page

We would like to congratulate you for purchasing Rashumon, the graphical multi lingual word processor for the Amiga. This page will enable you to start working immediately, without having to read the user manual. If you have any questions concerning Rashumon’s installation, please do not hesitate to call HarmonySoft.


  1.  Connecting the Protection Plug 
    The protection plug is meant to prevent illegal copy of the software. when the plug is disconnected, the software can’t be loaded. before you connect the plug, make sure the computer and printer are off. Connect the plug to the Amiga’s Parallel Port. If you have a printer, connect the printer cable to the plug’s other side.
  2. Operating Rashumon for the First Time
    Extremely important: please backup Rashumon before you start working.

About Michael Haephrati מיכאל האפרתי

Michael Haephrati מיכאל האפרתי

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